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Like Night & Day: I ended up in Dr. Nasser's dental chair because I needed to have a root canal re-treated. It was done by another Endodontist a few months ago and the difference between Dr. Nasser and the other Endodontist is like night and day. The other Endodontist did not do a good job and even missed one of the 4 canals in my back molar tooth when she did the procedure. With Dr. Nasser's high tech equipment and powerful microscope, plus his 25 + years of experience doing root canals, he was able to find and treat that 4th canal, along with re-treating the other three canals. In addition, the other Endodontist was very rough. The injections to numb my mouth were very painful and she was, shall we say, very heavy handed. It was a white knuckling, painful experience from start to finish and in the end, it needed to be redone. Fortunately I found Dr. Thomas Nasser who came highly recommended by many other people I know who had root canals done by him. Every one told me, he was easy breezy and it turned out to be true. The whole procedure, even the novocain injections was painless. Dr. Nasser walks you thru it every step of the way. He explains everything very clearly, puts your mind at ease and has you in and out of the chair in no time. He's got a hi-tech dental office, which is what you want when you're being treated and he clearly is up to date on the latest dental techniques. Root canals should not be painful. Endodontists are there to end your pain and that is what Dr. Nasser did for me. I highly recommend him if you've got to have a root canal, he's the doctor you want!

- Marilyn M

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