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Absolutely fantastic experience with Dr. Nasser and his staff. Of course no one wants to have to have a root canal done but, after my visit with Dr. Nasser I won’t hesitate in a moment to contact them if I need another in the future. Even just setting up the appointment was a very simple quick call. Their office is easy to get to. I had absolutely no wait time once we got there. He did a great job explaining what needed to happen and how he was going to fix my tooth. The procedure was very fast, I wasn’t in his office much longer than an hour. Not one bit of pain during the procedure and very, very minimal that evening and next morning. I will not hesitate to contact them if I have to have another root canal in the future. I recommend anyone that has or is having reservations about having the procedure done to contact Dr. Nasser and his courteous staff.

- Eric H

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