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Dr. Nasser is amazing! I have had literally hundreds of hours of time in the dentist chair over my 63 years with one root canal, many fillings, many crowns and a bridge (done and redone), but this was my first experience with an endodontist. Everything about this root canal was smooth, efficient and non-threatening. Dr. Nasser is driven to provide all the info you need to feel comfortable about what you will have done. The other root canal I had done many years ago was over 3 hours long and I had pain for days afterward, but Dr. Nasser's golden hands worked wonders in less than an hour (and it was my rear molar, not easy to work on!). The best part is that I never felt any pain during the procedure and better yet absolutely none when the anesthesia wore off or anytime later!!!!! A couple hours after I left the office I had to keep reminding myself that I had had a root canal so that I didn't chew on that side because I had no pain to help remind me. Everyone should experience this great kind of service and professionalism at least once in their lives. Thank you Dr. Nasser!

- Ben C

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