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You know the who thing about terrible experiences where people say I would rather experience this then a trip to the dentist. As a child it took my grandmother holding one arm and leg and a nurse holding the other side to get me through some traumatic visits to the dentist. To this day the sound of a dentist's drill conjure up thoughts and words that will not be repeated. As a long time hockey player I have dealt with injuries and the teeth jokes as well as growing out of the fear of dentists but I still don't relish the experience. Well this morning I went to Dr Nasser to have a sore wisdom tooth looked at and ended up having a root canal done. I am not sure I should say it was a delightful experience but it really was. Even the needles to numb me were painless. Dr Nasser kept me informed each step of the way and exuded a confident spirit. I walked out with a numb mouth but having enjoyed the experience because of 1. the confidence and communication 2.the literally painless experience 3. the smoothness and efficiency of the whole experience from scheduling to payment and 4. the 70's music played during the procedure, when Jim Morrison is singing Riders on the Storm and Gary Wright Dreamweaver it simply takes the sound of those drills away.

- larry m

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