Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I came in for two root canals and I was honestly terrified. I've never had one done and heard so many horror stories. Dr. Nasser put my mind at ease! I went in and not even 5 minutes, I was numbed up and ready to go. I was nervous beyond belief but Nasser kept talking me through the procedure and what steps he was doing. I felt absolutely nothing! After the first 10 minutes, I started to relax and enjoy the massage of the chair and the 70's music. Dr. Nasser did my root canals with lightning speed! I was shocked and very thankful for the great job he did, it was amazing! I never thought a root canal could be so relaxing. If I ever have any problems, (hopefully not), I would absolutely come here in the future. He took away my fear of Dentist's for good! I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for an Endodontist. Believe me, you'll never want anyone else!

- Taylor S

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