Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Simply outstanding in all regards. Dr. Nasser is of the very highest in competency at what he does. I have had several root canals performed by him in recent years and all without any pain or adverse events following the procedure. I have always had options, but each time I have requested that Dr. Nasser perform the root canal. The office is set up with very high-tech equipment that enables him to perform root canals painlessly, accurately and efficiently. Dr. Nasser is second to none at talking through what he is going to do before he does it, telling you what is being done in every step during the procedure, and then discussing and showing what was done following the procedure. I can not emphasize how well he does this enough. Additionally, Dr. Nasser creates a very relaxed environment with music in the procedure area, a massaging chair, and his entertaining commentary during the procedure. I have always felt very much at ease during my visits, and for good reason. Frankly, I don't know how the experience could be improved.

- Garth G

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