Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I had an excellent experience at my first Root Canal appointment. I arrived confident and positive of the entire procedure. Dr Nasser is an outstanding endodontist and teacher as he skillfully moves through the procedure. His efficiency with the sequence of the procedural steps and his narration to me are signs of his respect that the patient should be involved in the entire process. He showed me the x-rays, photographs, CT scan and interpreted them to me. At no time during the entire treatment did I feel any pain. After the 50-minute appointment I also had no pain- none. I had no pain the next day or the next days. In mentioning this repair to others, they thought it would be agony and a gruesome experience. It was a pleasure to happily advise them of what is now possible in excellent Root Canal treatment with a 5 -star endodontist who loves this specialty, a state-of -the -art setting and a reliable staff who have worked together for over 10 years. Others marvel in disbelief at my own update. If I needed another Root Canal, I would definitely return to the office of Dr Tom Nasser.

- Joan M

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