Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I was in a bad spot. I had a crown placed to hopefully not have to have a root canal by another amazing dentist. After a few weeks I realized I would need a root canal. I couldn't get in anywhere around my area for weeks so I literally called around to get it pulled bc I was in so much pain. I did end up getting in at my primary dentist that led me to Dr nassar in Carmel and he got me in the next day! An amazing experience for sure. He reassured me throughout the whole process letting me know how much longer and what he was doing without giving me to much detail lol. He immediately at the beginning pressed a button to my surprise was a massage chair! I was floored. He turned on some great music and adjusted me to make sure I was comfortable. He numbed me very well which I had had a problem with before. They actually had the x-ray apron on me as well throughout the procedure which felt like a weighted blanket I have at home which provides me extra comfort. My first time going there and the drive for me was behind worth it. Some people don't mind the dentist but I'm not one of those. I wouldn't mind ever going back to him for further procedures if need be! Thank you Dr nassar truly!

- Cassandra T

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