Our Latest Patient Testimonial

I had my second root canal procedure done by Dr. Nasser yesterday, having seen him last December for the first one. There really aren’t enough accolades to heap upon this man! He has a real gift for what he does and you can tell that the comfort of his patient is his priority. He has the surest, yet gentlest hands in the business and has a terrific assistant, Sheila. The dental chair has a massaging lumbar back section which is a very nice touch! Dr. Nasser is a born teacher and explains every step of the procedure and draws clear diagrams of the tooth structure itself. He uses state of the art technology and works quickly, all the while playing great music and speaking quietly to you. Both of my procedures done by Dr. Nasser were pain-free! I have no lingering soreness today at all, even at the insertion sites of the needles for anesthetics. Seriously, I know the prospect of having a root canal is pretty awful, but there is absolutely no need for fear or anxiety if you are getting treated by Dr. Nasser. He is both a genius and an artist in his field! I would highly recommend him to anyone.

- Laura K.

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